Saturday, November 5, 2011

Giving Etsy another go....

I just put this fellow up on Etsy. I've had him for a couple of years and he can't seem to find a home. I pulled out what was leftover from last years holiday shows and was sad to see him sitting in there.

I like him, I'm not sure why he can't find a home :o( Pictures never look good of him, so that's probably part of the problem.

Well, good luck Snowy my friend, maybe this time is your lucky time!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Few new ones up on Ebay tonight!

Folk art Angel with mixed media type wings. Pattern by Veena's Mercantile. Except for the head. I made my own. Sorry, Kim but I hated that head with an anger from deep within. I tried it 3 times and gave up on it. I will go back another time because I refuse to admit I can't sew something :o)

Snowflake. This was a pattern by Veena's Mercantile also. I was a little wary of the colors but in the end I think it will be OK. I'm just not used to the brightness! It's what she wanted to wear so who am I to argue?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Sunday Evening Folks!

Sooo... I won these stamps last week on the Charity Wings page. It was a complete surprise because I didn't even know I entered. Apparently I was the 100th or billionth person to leave a comment and I won! I was a bit confused when she sent me a note telling me but as soon as I saw what they were I was totally stoked! Melody Ross :o) My girl crush... love her! These are called.. better somewhere today. There are a couple of cool ones I will use as backgrounds and a couple others that will just be fun to use. Thank you Elena!

This is what I've got so far... it's a cheapie note book, a little paint with some fancy papers. I used the "I make stuff" stamp (my favorite in the pack, of course) put it on some chipboard and used dimensional magic to make it poof. I want to put some border around it and do a few more do-dads... but that was Friday nite and I got sidetracked with dollies and projects around the house. I'll finish it up this week.

Looks like fall is officially here. I took Sally out for a walk this morning. Yes, I have a cat stroller and I'm not afraid to use it. Yes, people make their little comments, but I happen to have the happiest cat in town, so there.

The trees are turning already. I think maybe next weekend we will go out for a ride to see the colors...

The Erie Canal runs through our town. This is the path that runs along side of it. I can jump on it at the end of my street. It's a nice place to walk or run and at the point where we live, there isn't usually many people on it.

Sally enjoys it. There is a pond on the other side between the canal and the railroad where there are tons of geese all summer. Sometimes they fly over the trees and play in the canal or come up to poop on the trail. She didn't get to see any today tho.

Today turned out to be a beautiful day. Blue skies and warm temps. Loved it.

I'm working on the October dollies and I'm hoping to have them up for auction beginning of the month. I've got an angel, santa and a snow girl that I'm putting the finishing touches on and a couple more in my head that are getting cut out tonight. The ornament thing didn't turn out as planned so I'm back to the drawing board on those. I don't know why I can't get those faces to come out like I want, but maybe this time...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dolls on their way to new homes

Auctions are closed out. There are 5 dollies on their way to new homes. Thank you everyone who bid. I appreciate it and will have some new ones coming for October! This gal is still available, as well as the not so scary scarecrow. The Halloween ones went fast and I'm not sure how many more halloween dolls I'm going to have this year. Trying my hand at some Christmas ornaments and am working on a Santa. Can't wait to get them out
0f my head and on the slab :o)

Thanks again everyone!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

One day left...

of this wonderful "staycation". I have relaxed, painted, sewn, cleaned closets and ate lemon scones. I think that was everything on my to-do list :o)

I don't want to go back and that kinda scares me... usually by the end of a couple days I'm missing people and don't mind going back. This time, I feel like I could go another week and be cool with it.

I just spent the last two hours listing most of the dolls on ebay. I really don't like that task. It takes me forever. It's funny, when I was out side taking pictures today, I told Jerry " I hate this part the most". I really do. I take crappy pictures and the dolls never look as nice as they do in person.

Then I was trying to edit them and crop them down and Andy was sitting here with me and I said " I hate this part the most" Because I really do... my photo editor sucks on this machine and I'm too lazy to mess around with getting a different one. And again, I gotta look at all the pictures that don't look right.

Now I'm sitting here listing them all on ebay and everyone is in bed, so I just tell Sally, who is curled up on my table " I hate this part the most". She just looks at me and nods. She is aware that I am nuts.

But it made me aware of why I procrastinate so much about listing them. I love to sew and I love the dollies so I just keep on truckin. So, I told myself from now on, just take one day a month and list them. Stop worrying about doing the things I don't like and just save it all for one day. I can handle that :o)
See, when I'm not stressed out I can figure out answers...and I can see what my problems are.

So tomorrow is my last day home. I got all my housework done today and laundry and listed my dollies, so tomorrow is all mine. I'm going to go for a run in the morning, have lunch with Andy (he gets to leave school for lunch now...) I think I'm going to start working on some winter dollies or christmas.... seems like it's too soon!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

First day...

Not too bad... I usually have big plans for myself, lots of lists, and try to conquer the world whenever I have a few days off. Then the night before I go back to work I have a self deprication festival, recounting all the things I DIDN'T do. I kind of like giving myself the freedom to just do what I want this time with no major plans for an outcome.

So today... Didn't sleep in. I was wide awake at 6:30. Puppies need to pee. Usually I can fall back asleep. Today, instead, I went for a run. Yup, got off my butt and did something instead of just thinking that I should. So, that's one step in the right direction. Check.

Then I cleaned the coat closet. Reorganized it. Ready for fall/winter now. Washed coats, hats, mittens. One closet down. Check.

I've had a little project going that I started back in the spring. I bought a bunch of little glass jars from Crate & Barrell and started transferring all my spices out of the ugly little plastic containers and such into the pretty jars. I took them all out and finished that today too. Check. I need to order some more jars tho.

I'm seriously the most exciting person I know.

Honey brought home some lamps last week. He has this talent of finding toss aways or yard sale stuff and bringing them home and fixing/staining/painting or whatever they need and making some nifty items. This week were these lamps:

They were tossing them out at work and I guess they just needed some rewiring adjustments so he scarffed them, fixed them and put in his favorite lightbulbs. New lamps for me! But he wasn't going to rest until we bought lampshades today. So we went to Target, TJ Maxx, Lowes, and the Walmart. I want a square shade, off white. Can't find what I want and he knows if he doesn't get me to do it right away, it will get put off and I will procrastinate. He finally agreed to let me look online for what I really want. Good, cuz my dogs were tired. It's also 30 minutes of driving just to get to the store. If I don't find something quick, tho, I know he is going to make me settle for my second choice that I saw at the Lowes. Guess I better get on that....

I also finished my journal page. One eye is kinda wonky and she looks punch drunk but that's the way I do things. Her page is called "strong" because I've been feeling anything but lately and I had to remember who I am.

So that's the wrap on today's first day off. I'm off to go see what else I can make now. I am two classes behind in my Brave Girls and I wanted to make some more truth cards, so maybe that is what I'm gonna go dig into. No more wonky-eyed-stoned-looking girls tonight :o)

Friday, September 2, 2011


Well it is for me anyways. I have the next 10 days off from work. I'm going nowhere. Doing nothing. Sounds boring, huh? If you saw what I do to myself day in and day out, you would understand. 10 days to be nowhere in particular, at no particular time, no deadlines, no contracts, no due dates, no confrontations, no pressure.
This next week is going to be sleeping til I wake up, going for long walks, school clothes shopping with the boy, sewing, painting, cooking, ( I want some lemon scones) painting my nails, doing whatever I want, whenever I want.

Spending the last couple days of summer vacation with Andy. Not sure he is looking forward to sharing the house during the day :o) I really, really do remember what it feels like those last couple days of summer before classes start up again. As much as I try to hang on to him and let him enjoy his time before the world starts demanding things from him... I just can't stop it from coming. He turned 15 a couple weeks ago. It was real hard. For me, anyhow. He is full of excitement and anticipation of things that are going to come his way. I hope he gets them all.

It's been a rough summer, emotionally, for me. Not sure what's up. You ever feel like your life is about to make a major shift? You are ready for it, but you just don't know what it is? That's where I've been. I'm so tired, also. Tired way down in the soul, tired. And I cry a lot. I haven't had crying jags like these in years. I guess I'm at that age.....

So back to this coming week. I'm going to... clean some closets, clean out my pots and pan cupboard. I'm going to go grocery shopping. For reals. I have to get back in the kitchen. All three of us are in the need of a nutrition overhaul. Honey has some medical issues come up this summer, the boy has been living on hot pockets and boxes of cereal, and me, well... yeah

I am going to do much painting and sewing. I have some dolls to get up on ebay and I want to get a start on some more. I need to raise the cash so I can do this:
Life book. She has a boatload of different teachers onboard with this and I really want in. But one habit has to pay for the other..... dollies have to pay for the art :o)

Then I'm going to spend some time with my art journal... there are way too many blank pages in here. Where did summer go?I'm gonig to hang out with the puppies... I took a picture of Archie, but he looked like a dork because his ear kept sticking up... Holly is in bed, but here she is a couple weeks ago. Yeah, she's pretty freakin cute.

So, for toinight... to start off on the right track....It was late and I'm tierd (like I said before :o)) I started a collage... not sure what it's going to be yet. Tomorrow I will throw down another couple layers and we will see... I'm thinkin a pretty girl in a blue dress...and I'm also thinking I'm going to regret that tissue paper in there... I'm sorta rough with my stuff...but I guess I can always cover it with another layer... or two..

Good night... sweet dreams everyone :o)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Wednesday

I know , I've been missing from here lately. Been caught up in my day job, it has been exhausting :o( I'm so tierd... I've also been trying to work on Melody Ross' class and Suzi Blu's petite dolls class. I've been staying up too late to do those because the house is quiet then. My sewing has gotten behind a bit, but I have tons of ideas rattling around in my head. Sometimes I think it will make me crazy. Mostly, it just makes me sad, I don't have much time to do what I enjoy. Lots of thinking going on here lately.... What I want to do with myself...but here is a picture of Archie. He always makes me smile, he is such a happy guy.

Enjoy your week... I will try to have some new dolls soon. Fall is around the corner and I've got only a few things done. Not like me at all, it's my favorite season to make dollies.



Monday, July 4, 2011


I blasted ebay tonight with everything I had left in my sewing room. I also posted a couple dolls that I just can't seem to sell, maybe July will be their lucky month. I've been staying away from ebay because the fees have just gotten ridiculous. They sent me a "free insertion" add so I decided to take advantage of it. So tonight I put up some Annies and some Halloween dolls. I could do Halloween dolls all year round.. I love them. I've got a witch, a banshee and just some wierd guy that I did. Come check them out!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A couple new ones

I bought a new pattern last week from Brenda Sanker (Vintage Polka Dot). I've been messing with it and I found I really liked it. The heads are a little diffrent from the way I usually make them. They are three front pieces and one large one in the back. It makes the head kinda sorta flat in the back, but I think it will make nice dolls for hanging.

This was the Annie. She had four variations of the doll in her pattern, so it is very adaptable. I kept Annie close to the way she did hers, because it was the first one I tried and wanted to see how the pattern went together. I know, you are supposed to read the instructions first, but I cut first and ask questions later.....

This is a ghost like mummy kinda thing. I'm not sure.... I started off wanting to make a ghost but I didn't like the way the dress was going. So, I got irritated and just started wrapping lace and gluing bits of ribbon and stuff to her body. In the end, not bad...definately one of a kind.

Of course I had help. This one has been stuck to my side all day today. Not sure what is up with her. I woke up with her laying next to me on my pillow, she sat on the toilet while I took my shower, followed me while I did laundry. It's not unusual for her to hang around and supervise, but she literally has not let me out of her sight. I even took her out back for a bit to pick at the garden.

I'm feeling a little cruddy today, so maybe she's just sensing that. Even right now she's peering over the computer screen to see what I'm up to. Always looking out for me :o)

I have a couple more ideas for that doll pattern (I'mthinkin pumpkin head)and I've got a Round Head Scarecrow that's done, but he needs a pumpkin or something to hold on to before I'm ready to let him go. I've been in the mood for fall stuff, not sure why, but after all these years, I've learned to just roll with it. If I try to make something I'm not in the mood for, it shows.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Americana Sam and Betty

Pattern is by Kim Kohler (Veena's Mercantile). They are made from muslin. Stained, Painted, then sanded to make them look old. Their clothes have been stained and dried in the sun.

My Etsy shop is updated and has a few new items in it.

Hope everyone got to enjoy a long weekend, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Americana Queen

She was made with a pattern by Polka Dotted Pig.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Listed some things on Ebay

This is a bunny I made from a pattern by Veena's mercantile. It was her littlest queen pattern- the bunny version, but I kept the crown :o)
I listed her and some of the other dollies finally. I've got a couple more I'm going to try and list tomorrow. I was hoping for another Raggedy Ann but I screwed up the dress tonight and I'm going to start over with it tomorrow. We'll see if I can get it done. I get on a roll, then I know I'm going to be needed elsewhere, so I start to hurry and botch it up everytime. One of these days I will learn to just set it down and come back later. I just get excited to get it done.
I ordered a few patterns this past week and can't wait to get them and get started :o) We had a big storm the beginning of the week but today it's almost gone, so hopefully spring will be here soon. It's been a long winter and I'm ready for the sunshine!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another one

Another dollie going up on ebay the end of the week. Another Rae Ann....

She is from a pattern by Threadbare primitives and usually a quick sell.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lilly Rabbit

Lilly Rabbit, waiting for spring. She could actually go outside today to have her picture taken.

She is made from a pattern by Homespun hugs and she is cut from an off white color flannel.

She will be up on ebay later this week.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Raggedy Ann

Made from a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern. She's all american.....

Her hair are strips of muslin dyed red and baked in the oven to make it dry and crinkly.
She has a pinwheel made from fabric with a rusted bell.

She will be going up on ebay this week.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have a hard time remembering things these days. I forget things a lot. I spend my days looking up product guidelines for things I've done for too many years. I forget my grocery list then forget to pick up half the things on the white board I put there myself. I forget to give my kid lunch money even tho he's eaten lunch everyday for 14 years. But for some reason while I'm makin stuff I will have an inkling of a doo-dad that I remember squirling away a long time ago. Then I go off on the hunt......

I make a giant mess because I just had to have this.......

It's the only doo-dad that can possibly go on the one thing I am making right this minute. Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long to get anything done. I think this is why.

Been away for a while. I was in Boston for two days for a meeting then I had to go to Dallas for a week of training. I'm not much of a traveler so it threw me out of my routine for a bit. I think I'm settled back in now. Been sewing off and on today and am chilled out. Hope to get some pictures up before Monday.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Unexpected Day off

The power steering went out in my Durango. My super power used to be mighty upper body strength but I found out today, it must have been given away to a younger woman... So the car went to the garage and he said I'd have to come back later. I got a ride home and was kinda bummed because it caught me off guard. Car problems always kick in my anxiety. Don't know why other than I know absolutely nothing about cars so I never know what to expect. So...what to do??? I'm home. No car. Snowing. Too cold to go for a walk. I was sitting there with a cup of coffee when all of a sudden I realized... I'm all ALONE. By MYSELF. This NEVER happens!

So I decided to make a mess........

I hate to admit it and I'm sorry for anyone who got stuck doing any of my work today but ... I had a nice day. :o) Why does that make me feel guilty? For some reason I always combine enjoying myself with irresponsibility.
I'm always going to be 10 years old inside.
Sally helped. She chewed off loose strings for me. Such a worker!
So far, it looks like I may have some dolls up for sale soon. That and some bunnies.
How is my Art class going? Suzi Blu is an awesome teacher. But for some reason my fingers won't draw the way I want them too. She makes it look easy, and I fancy myself a creative soul....I have got to keep practicing just to make it out of lesson one! I did my first homework, but the second one I'm never happy with and I don't want to get stuck with a face I don't like for the rest of the project. I plan on pulling out the drawing pad this weekend.... wish me luck! I'm determined I'm going to do this!