Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Unexpected Day off

The power steering went out in my Durango. My super power used to be mighty upper body strength but I found out today, it must have been given away to a younger woman... So the car went to the garage and he said I'd have to come back later. I got a ride home and was kinda bummed because it caught me off guard. Car problems always kick in my anxiety. Don't know why other than I know absolutely nothing about cars so I never know what to expect. So...what to do??? I'm home. No car. Snowing. Too cold to go for a walk. I was sitting there with a cup of coffee when all of a sudden I realized... I'm all ALONE. By MYSELF. This NEVER happens!

So I decided to make a mess........

I hate to admit it and I'm sorry for anyone who got stuck doing any of my work today but ... I had a nice day. :o) Why does that make me feel guilty? For some reason I always combine enjoying myself with irresponsibility.
I'm always going to be 10 years old inside.
Sally helped. She chewed off loose strings for me. Such a worker!
So far, it looks like I may have some dolls up for sale soon. That and some bunnies.
How is my Art class going? Suzi Blu is an awesome teacher. But for some reason my fingers won't draw the way I want them too. She makes it look easy, and I fancy myself a creative soul....I have got to keep practicing just to make it out of lesson one! I did my first homework, but the second one I'm never happy with and I don't want to get stuck with a face I don't like for the rest of the project. I plan on pulling out the drawing pad this weekend.... wish me luck! I'm determined I'm going to do this!

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