Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Sunday Evening Folks!

Sooo... I won these stamps last week on the Charity Wings page. It was a complete surprise because I didn't even know I entered. Apparently I was the 100th or billionth person to leave a comment and I won! I was a bit confused when she sent me a note telling me but as soon as I saw what they were I was totally stoked! Melody Ross :o) My girl crush... love her! These are called.. better somewhere today. There are a couple of cool ones I will use as backgrounds and a couple others that will just be fun to use. Thank you Elena!

This is what I've got so far... it's a cheapie note book, a little paint with some fancy papers. I used the "I make stuff" stamp (my favorite in the pack, of course) put it on some chipboard and used dimensional magic to make it poof. I want to put some border around it and do a few more do-dads... but that was Friday nite and I got sidetracked with dollies and projects around the house. I'll finish it up this week.

Looks like fall is officially here. I took Sally out for a walk this morning. Yes, I have a cat stroller and I'm not afraid to use it. Yes, people make their little comments, but I happen to have the happiest cat in town, so there.

The trees are turning already. I think maybe next weekend we will go out for a ride to see the colors...

The Erie Canal runs through our town. This is the path that runs along side of it. I can jump on it at the end of my street. It's a nice place to walk or run and at the point where we live, there isn't usually many people on it.

Sally enjoys it. There is a pond on the other side between the canal and the railroad where there are tons of geese all summer. Sometimes they fly over the trees and play in the canal or come up to poop on the trail. She didn't get to see any today tho.

Today turned out to be a beautiful day. Blue skies and warm temps. Loved it.

I'm working on the October dollies and I'm hoping to have them up for auction beginning of the month. I've got an angel, santa and a snow girl that I'm putting the finishing touches on and a couple more in my head that are getting cut out tonight. The ornament thing didn't turn out as planned so I'm back to the drawing board on those. I don't know why I can't get those faces to come out like I want, but maybe this time...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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