Monday, April 26, 2010

Lazy Weekend

No finished dolls to post :o( But there is a pile of parts in my sewing area. So here is a photo of some spoiled kitties. They have a stroller and yes, I walk them and the weiner dog through my neighborhood. Steve isn't that fond of it, but she does humor me once in a while and allows me to take her out. Usually it's just Sally and the Ween.
I plan on having finished dolls up on etsy/ebay next weekend. Wasn't a very productive weekend. Went to a craft show and slept alot. A whole lot. I think it was a combination of stress at the real job and coming down with a little bit of a bug. But...back at it today! I sold out of just about everything I had done. Even some older pieces that I hadn't wanted to list because I felt they were "out of season". What did I know?! So that's a good thing. I've had good luck on ebay so I will be back there next week. Here's to a busy week of sewing and it's month end in the mortgage business! Headed off with a handful of vitamins and a weekend of rest under my belt....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Armful of Annies

and an Andy. I'm putting some Annies up on Ebay tonight. I was lucky enough to sell a few things this week and now I need to restock. I didn't get as much done this week as I would have liked to on the crafty side of my life, but I have big plans for this week. I decided it is going to be finish up the danglers week. I have so many things that I've set aside or got creators block and couldn't finish that I'm going to make it their turn for some attention. I also bought a couple of new patterns from Kim Kohler that I want to try out so I told myself nothing new til I finish the orphans. (Kim is Veena's Mercantile- I have her link on the sidebar- awesome designer go check her out)
These Annies and Andy started out as a Sweetmeadows Farm Pattern and took on their own personalities and costumes.
I see I have a follower added- Welcome! I'm pretending you aren't my sister and there are actually people reading this :o)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

All the difference in just a photo

I've had this girl around for a while. I decided to take her out and give her a facelift by taking some new photos. Photos aren't my "thing" so sometimes I struggle for a while to get the right ones that actually look like what I made. I think this is much better.

She's made from a pattern by Sweet Meadows Farm. It's called "Too many cats" if you go looking for it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Don't really know why...

It's not Halloween and I don't like clowns. But he had to get out of my head....