Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

What kind of witch would I be without a black cat...... Or two......

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

What a Mess!!

I think this post is more for myself than anyone else. Get yourself together! I've been trying to work after work in the evenings and it hasn't gone so well this week. I have my weekend cut out for me... I've got three shows coming up ( 'tis the season!) and I have to get a bunch of the smaller items done. I procrastinate because I love making the specialty items and spending time on those. But my mentor -oh so long ago taught me to always have smaller things at your table because they are actually the things that pay for at least the expense of renting the space. She was right. I can go all day sometimes and not sell any larger items, but if I sell enuf smaller ones, I at least feel like I broke even..
It's been a rough week, but hopefully I can put on the super mom cape this weekend and get crackin! I probably have enough items as it is, but I always have this idea that my booth should be stuffed and I should have more in the car in case I need it. It's not usually about the cash, but I hate when people come back towards the end of a show and say "aawww I was coming back for...." It's that disgusting need to please everyone :o)
Don't point out how ugly that room is. It's last on the list for renovating. That wall paper is hideous and I've already ripped it off one and a half walls. (Kinda made it worse) I cover up one wall with done dollies so I don't have to look at it.
I've got a whole tub full of misc ornaments, legs and pieces that need to be stuffed. When the boy was younger he used to like doing some of that. Nowadays he wants to be paid for it!

If only I could get HER to get up and do something while I'm away making the bacon.....
That's OK Doo, you just rest.
Well now I am on my own official record of holding myself accountable. Let's see how this all looks on Sunday. I'm off to the real job... then groceries... then I have to stop for a few craft supplies.... then it's pumpkin carving night...oh my, it's looking bleak for today! Doxie- get up and DO something!
Happy Friday!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Low-Key Sunday Afternoon

Dreary day today. Cold and raining. Gave me a good reason to hide inside and do nothing but sew and stuff things :o) Gonna have to bundle up in a few to go get the boy's lunch items and the multiple grocery bags of snack items he needs to sustain himself between meals. He's been a bottomless pit lately! I got this fellow done today, I got the pattern from Kentucky Primitives. She was having a $5 sale.. well worth it to check to see if it's still going on.... The picture is rather lousy, I know. I haven't got a decent spot in the new digs to take pictures yet, and I was feeling way to lazy to bundle up to go into the weather. I do like the way he turned out and it was a fun one to do. I love the real prim projects, because no one can tell if you screwed up or if you really meant for it to be crooked :o) I have a few more snow folk and winter-y type items in process. I have at least one show coming up I have to get ready for and I wanted to do at least two in Nov so I'm hoping I can find another one soon. Back to the toasty warm sewing corner...Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

For Auntie Carol's little monsters

My 14 year old son has crushed me. He has informed me that not only will he not be participating in the trick or treating tradition this year- he will also not be requiring a super awesome mommy made costume this year! I know... he's 14. Super cool. Cool friends to impress. Too mature for the games of his childhood oh so long ago.... But couldn't he just don the ol pokemon costume one more time? For me??? I also know that in a couple years he will be more than happy to dress up in some stupid embarassing costume because some pretty set of pigtails asks him to. No matter how cool or how many cool friends see him. Won't matter. He will be a piece of toast or a bumble bee if that's what she wants :o)

For now, I at least have a niece and nephew that will enjoy the holiday. They will be getting these goodies in the mail in a few days. Now, before you start typing the hate mail about how I should have packed them carrots, apples, or a handful of oatmeal, keep in mind 1) It's Halloween! You are supposed to go to bed that night with a bellyache when you are 6! There is a very small forgiving window when you are that age- your teeth are falling out soon anyways :0) and all the running full speed on the ceilings keeps the pounds off. 2)They aren't my kids. Simple as that. As much as I love them and care about their dental care and their sugar induced halucinations, it's going to be my sister's responsiblity to make sure they brush and don't get sick... have fun with that Nett...bwaaaaahahahah (evil laugh)

and lastly #3) check this out:

It's a gummy kabob. How freakin awesome is that? How can you NOT send that to a little one you love for Halloween?
And, no, said sister is not going to be mad at me for giving her kids a bunch of candy. She is MY sister. I fully expect when I check with her after Halloween and ask if that gummy kabob was any good, she will not hesitate to answer. She will make sure she gets a taste. Momma didn't raise no fools (or any girls with candy restraint for that matter)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby Bag...kinda

More like one for Mom. One of the young ladies at work is due in November and we had a little shower for her yesterday. This was my offering. She is a little more classy then the average bag and this is smaller, so I figured it would be nice for her to have something to take out with her for dinner or a short trip with the babe that was still fashionable. I put some tavel size powders, wipes, baby oil etc.. in it. I also whipped up some large size burp cloths for her that I forgot to take some pics of, but you get the idea :o) It is made from one Kay Whitt's patterns (Serendipity Studios). I love her bags and I have several of her patterns. They look hard, but she makes them so easy to follow and I've never had one turn out not as nice as her photos. They are always a hit. The top piece was tricky to get thru the machine and I actually had my honey help hold up the bag while I sewed. He's a good sport...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Craft it forward.....

I am doing my FIRST Craft it Forward on the Hive.

I will make 5 small cloth dolls and send them out to the first five people who join in. The dolls will be made from fabric, muslin, polyfil...

You need to commit to doing the same with your craft. By posting to this post. You also need to do a blog post of your own and Craft It forward. Hope that explains it all as it is my first time doing this.

Here are the guildelines from the Craft It Forward group on The Hive:

1. Make a post to this group saying that you will hand-craft 5 items and send them to the first 5 who comment to your post.

2. Those who comment to your post must each commit right away to also Craft it Forward to 5 more.

3. You must commit to make your 5 hand-mades and send them out before the end of 2010 so there is no pressure.

4. Remember....if you one of the first five to post a comment to a Craft It Forward blog post, you are committing to also make a blog post and craft 5 hand-mades. Craft it Forward is all about sharing your love for crafting and giving (remember you are paying for the cost of postage to send out your 5 hand-mades) by crafting it forward.

Who would like to join my art dolls craft it forward ?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Etsy and Ebay have been updated!!

As well as this little area.
Feels good to finally be back at it. I have some Halloween things listed and a couple more to finish. I am so behind getting the Halloween things up for sale...hopefully they can still find homes :o)
The little witch I posted quickly yesterday is my favorite. She was made from a pattern by Veena's Mercantile (Kim Kohler) She was fun to make.
I have a Witch by Threadbare Primitives I need to finish and another Annie- then I want to do a couple Thanksgiving dollies before the Christmas items need to be done. I am so behind. The gall bladder thing put me behind then the recovery from the removal took longer than I anticipated. Oh well... it's gone now and I'm up and running. Being Halloween time helps... always my favorite

This was made by a pattern from Tennessee Ridge Primitives