Saturday, September 3, 2011

First day...

Not too bad... I usually have big plans for myself, lots of lists, and try to conquer the world whenever I have a few days off. Then the night before I go back to work I have a self deprication festival, recounting all the things I DIDN'T do. I kind of like giving myself the freedom to just do what I want this time with no major plans for an outcome.

So today... Didn't sleep in. I was wide awake at 6:30. Puppies need to pee. Usually I can fall back asleep. Today, instead, I went for a run. Yup, got off my butt and did something instead of just thinking that I should. So, that's one step in the right direction. Check.

Then I cleaned the coat closet. Reorganized it. Ready for fall/winter now. Washed coats, hats, mittens. One closet down. Check.

I've had a little project going that I started back in the spring. I bought a bunch of little glass jars from Crate & Barrell and started transferring all my spices out of the ugly little plastic containers and such into the pretty jars. I took them all out and finished that today too. Check. I need to order some more jars tho.

I'm seriously the most exciting person I know.

Honey brought home some lamps last week. He has this talent of finding toss aways or yard sale stuff and bringing them home and fixing/staining/painting or whatever they need and making some nifty items. This week were these lamps:

They were tossing them out at work and I guess they just needed some rewiring adjustments so he scarffed them, fixed them and put in his favorite lightbulbs. New lamps for me! But he wasn't going to rest until we bought lampshades today. So we went to Target, TJ Maxx, Lowes, and the Walmart. I want a square shade, off white. Can't find what I want and he knows if he doesn't get me to do it right away, it will get put off and I will procrastinate. He finally agreed to let me look online for what I really want. Good, cuz my dogs were tired. It's also 30 minutes of driving just to get to the store. If I don't find something quick, tho, I know he is going to make me settle for my second choice that I saw at the Lowes. Guess I better get on that....

I also finished my journal page. One eye is kinda wonky and she looks punch drunk but that's the way I do things. Her page is called "strong" because I've been feeling anything but lately and I had to remember who I am.

So that's the wrap on today's first day off. I'm off to go see what else I can make now. I am two classes behind in my Brave Girls and I wanted to make some more truth cards, so maybe that is what I'm gonna go dig into. No more wonky-eyed-stoned-looking girls tonight :o)

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