Friday, September 2, 2011


Well it is for me anyways. I have the next 10 days off from work. I'm going nowhere. Doing nothing. Sounds boring, huh? If you saw what I do to myself day in and day out, you would understand. 10 days to be nowhere in particular, at no particular time, no deadlines, no contracts, no due dates, no confrontations, no pressure.
This next week is going to be sleeping til I wake up, going for long walks, school clothes shopping with the boy, sewing, painting, cooking, ( I want some lemon scones) painting my nails, doing whatever I want, whenever I want.

Spending the last couple days of summer vacation with Andy. Not sure he is looking forward to sharing the house during the day :o) I really, really do remember what it feels like those last couple days of summer before classes start up again. As much as I try to hang on to him and let him enjoy his time before the world starts demanding things from him... I just can't stop it from coming. He turned 15 a couple weeks ago. It was real hard. For me, anyhow. He is full of excitement and anticipation of things that are going to come his way. I hope he gets them all.

It's been a rough summer, emotionally, for me. Not sure what's up. You ever feel like your life is about to make a major shift? You are ready for it, but you just don't know what it is? That's where I've been. I'm so tired, also. Tired way down in the soul, tired. And I cry a lot. I haven't had crying jags like these in years. I guess I'm at that age.....

So back to this coming week. I'm going to... clean some closets, clean out my pots and pan cupboard. I'm going to go grocery shopping. For reals. I have to get back in the kitchen. All three of us are in the need of a nutrition overhaul. Honey has some medical issues come up this summer, the boy has been living on hot pockets and boxes of cereal, and me, well... yeah

I am going to do much painting and sewing. I have some dolls to get up on ebay and I want to get a start on some more. I need to raise the cash so I can do this:
Life book. She has a boatload of different teachers onboard with this and I really want in. But one habit has to pay for the other..... dollies have to pay for the art :o)

Then I'm going to spend some time with my art journal... there are way too many blank pages in here. Where did summer go?I'm gonig to hang out with the puppies... I took a picture of Archie, but he looked like a dork because his ear kept sticking up... Holly is in bed, but here she is a couple weeks ago. Yeah, she's pretty freakin cute.

So, for toinight... to start off on the right track....It was late and I'm tierd (like I said before :o)) I started a collage... not sure what it's going to be yet. Tomorrow I will throw down another couple layers and we will see... I'm thinkin a pretty girl in a blue dress...and I'm also thinking I'm going to regret that tissue paper in there... I'm sorta rough with my stuff...but I guess I can always cover it with another layer... or two..

Good night... sweet dreams everyone :o)

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