Saturday, June 11, 2011

A couple new ones

I bought a new pattern last week from Brenda Sanker (Vintage Polka Dot). I've been messing with it and I found I really liked it. The heads are a little diffrent from the way I usually make them. They are three front pieces and one large one in the back. It makes the head kinda sorta flat in the back, but I think it will make nice dolls for hanging.

This was the Annie. She had four variations of the doll in her pattern, so it is very adaptable. I kept Annie close to the way she did hers, because it was the first one I tried and wanted to see how the pattern went together. I know, you are supposed to read the instructions first, but I cut first and ask questions later.....

This is a ghost like mummy kinda thing. I'm not sure.... I started off wanting to make a ghost but I didn't like the way the dress was going. So, I got irritated and just started wrapping lace and gluing bits of ribbon and stuff to her body. In the end, not bad...definately one of a kind.

Of course I had help. This one has been stuck to my side all day today. Not sure what is up with her. I woke up with her laying next to me on my pillow, she sat on the toilet while I took my shower, followed me while I did laundry. It's not unusual for her to hang around and supervise, but she literally has not let me out of her sight. I even took her out back for a bit to pick at the garden.

I'm feeling a little cruddy today, so maybe she's just sensing that. Even right now she's peering over the computer screen to see what I'm up to. Always looking out for me :o)

I have a couple more ideas for that doll pattern (I'mthinkin pumpkin head)and I've got a Round Head Scarecrow that's done, but he needs a pumpkin or something to hold on to before I'm ready to let him go. I've been in the mood for fall stuff, not sure why, but after all these years, I've learned to just roll with it. If I try to make something I'm not in the mood for, it shows.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Prarie Dolls