Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Wednesday

I know , I've been missing from here lately. Been caught up in my day job, it has been exhausting :o( I'm so tierd... I've also been trying to work on Melody Ross' class and Suzi Blu's petite dolls class. I've been staying up too late to do those because the house is quiet then. My sewing has gotten behind a bit, but I have tons of ideas rattling around in my head. Sometimes I think it will make me crazy. Mostly, it just makes me sad, I don't have much time to do what I enjoy. Lots of thinking going on here lately.... What I want to do with myself...but here is a picture of Archie. He always makes me smile, he is such a happy guy.

Enjoy your week... I will try to have some new dolls soon. Fall is around the corner and I've got only a few things done. Not like me at all, it's my favorite season to make dollies.



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