Sunday, September 11, 2011

One day left...

of this wonderful "staycation". I have relaxed, painted, sewn, cleaned closets and ate lemon scones. I think that was everything on my to-do list :o)

I don't want to go back and that kinda scares me... usually by the end of a couple days I'm missing people and don't mind going back. This time, I feel like I could go another week and be cool with it.

I just spent the last two hours listing most of the dolls on ebay. I really don't like that task. It takes me forever. It's funny, when I was out side taking pictures today, I told Jerry " I hate this part the most". I really do. I take crappy pictures and the dolls never look as nice as they do in person.

Then I was trying to edit them and crop them down and Andy was sitting here with me and I said " I hate this part the most" Because I really do... my photo editor sucks on this machine and I'm too lazy to mess around with getting a different one. And again, I gotta look at all the pictures that don't look right.

Now I'm sitting here listing them all on ebay and everyone is in bed, so I just tell Sally, who is curled up on my table " I hate this part the most". She just looks at me and nods. She is aware that I am nuts.

But it made me aware of why I procrastinate so much about listing them. I love to sew and I love the dollies so I just keep on truckin. So, I told myself from now on, just take one day a month and list them. Stop worrying about doing the things I don't like and just save it all for one day. I can handle that :o)
See, when I'm not stressed out I can figure out answers...and I can see what my problems are.

So tomorrow is my last day home. I got all my housework done today and laundry and listed my dollies, so tomorrow is all mine. I'm going to go for a run in the morning, have lunch with Andy (he gets to leave school for lunch now...) I think I'm going to start working on some winter dollies or christmas.... seems like it's too soon!

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