Sunday, October 24, 2010

Low-Key Sunday Afternoon

Dreary day today. Cold and raining. Gave me a good reason to hide inside and do nothing but sew and stuff things :o) Gonna have to bundle up in a few to go get the boy's lunch items and the multiple grocery bags of snack items he needs to sustain himself between meals. He's been a bottomless pit lately! I got this fellow done today, I got the pattern from Kentucky Primitives. She was having a $5 sale.. well worth it to check to see if it's still going on.... The picture is rather lousy, I know. I haven't got a decent spot in the new digs to take pictures yet, and I was feeling way to lazy to bundle up to go into the weather. I do like the way he turned out and it was a fun one to do. I love the real prim projects, because no one can tell if you screwed up or if you really meant for it to be crooked :o) I have a few more snow folk and winter-y type items in process. I have at least one show coming up I have to get ready for and I wanted to do at least two in Nov so I'm hoping I can find another one soon. Back to the toasty warm sewing corner...Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

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