Sunday, October 17, 2010

For Auntie Carol's little monsters

My 14 year old son has crushed me. He has informed me that not only will he not be participating in the trick or treating tradition this year- he will also not be requiring a super awesome mommy made costume this year! I know... he's 14. Super cool. Cool friends to impress. Too mature for the games of his childhood oh so long ago.... But couldn't he just don the ol pokemon costume one more time? For me??? I also know that in a couple years he will be more than happy to dress up in some stupid embarassing costume because some pretty set of pigtails asks him to. No matter how cool or how many cool friends see him. Won't matter. He will be a piece of toast or a bumble bee if that's what she wants :o)

For now, I at least have a niece and nephew that will enjoy the holiday. They will be getting these goodies in the mail in a few days. Now, before you start typing the hate mail about how I should have packed them carrots, apples, or a handful of oatmeal, keep in mind 1) It's Halloween! You are supposed to go to bed that night with a bellyache when you are 6! There is a very small forgiving window when you are that age- your teeth are falling out soon anyways :0) and all the running full speed on the ceilings keeps the pounds off. 2)They aren't my kids. Simple as that. As much as I love them and care about their dental care and their sugar induced halucinations, it's going to be my sister's responsiblity to make sure they brush and don't get sick... have fun with that Nett...bwaaaaahahahah (evil laugh)

and lastly #3) check this out:

It's a gummy kabob. How freakin awesome is that? How can you NOT send that to a little one you love for Halloween?
And, no, said sister is not going to be mad at me for giving her kids a bunch of candy. She is MY sister. I fully expect when I check with her after Halloween and ask if that gummy kabob was any good, she will not hesitate to answer. She will make sure she gets a taste. Momma didn't raise no fools (or any girls with candy restraint for that matter)

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Bettina Groh said...

I came from the hive... enjoyed reading your blog! My kids used to get so mad at the man around the corner... he was a dentist and handed out toothbrushes. You'd think with kids of his own he could have come up with something Halloween-y to go with the brush wouldn't you? Didn't have to be candy!