Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby Bag...kinda

More like one for Mom. One of the young ladies at work is due in November and we had a little shower for her yesterday. This was my offering. She is a little more classy then the average bag and this is smaller, so I figured it would be nice for her to have something to take out with her for dinner or a short trip with the babe that was still fashionable. I put some tavel size powders, wipes, baby oil etc.. in it. I also whipped up some large size burp cloths for her that I forgot to take some pics of, but you get the idea :o) It is made from one Kay Whitt's patterns (Serendipity Studios). I love her bags and I have several of her patterns. They look hard, but she makes them so easy to follow and I've never had one turn out not as nice as her photos. They are always a hit. The top piece was tricky to get thru the machine and I actually had my honey help hold up the bag while I sewed. He's a good sport...

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