Monday, October 11, 2010

Craft it forward.....

I am doing my FIRST Craft it Forward on the Hive.

I will make 5 small cloth dolls and send them out to the first five people who join in. The dolls will be made from fabric, muslin, polyfil...

You need to commit to doing the same with your craft. By posting to this post. You also need to do a blog post of your own and Craft It forward. Hope that explains it all as it is my first time doing this.

Here are the guildelines from the Craft It Forward group on The Hive:

1. Make a post to this group saying that you will hand-craft 5 items and send them to the first 5 who comment to your post.

2. Those who comment to your post must each commit right away to also Craft it Forward to 5 more.

3. You must commit to make your 5 hand-mades and send them out before the end of 2010 so there is no pressure.

4. Remember....if you one of the first five to post a comment to a Craft It Forward blog post, you are committing to also make a blog post and craft 5 hand-mades. Craft it Forward is all about sharing your love for crafting and giving (remember you are paying for the cost of postage to send out your 5 hand-mades) by crafting it forward.

Who would like to join my art dolls craft it forward ?

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