Friday, January 14, 2011

Crafty Weekend Planned

Three day weekend starts today at 5! It's been a rough week and I plan on hibernating at home and doing some sewing, cooking, cleaning and crafting. Sounds weak, you say?? Not to me. Heaven. As long as it still looks like this outside... I am happy I can stay in.

I have some projects I'd like to finnish up...a witch that needs a hat and a rabbit that needs some clothes but I may blow those off a bit longer....

I have two CDA dolls to work on. One is pretty well set in my head and should be easy to execute. It's a rag doll made with a pancake type pattern that is right up my ally. I saw yesterday that Jess from Little dirt lane signed up for the same challenge so now I'm a little intimidated... :o) She is so awesome.

The other, I have no idea so I want to sit with my thoughts for a bit and try to figure out what it is I want to accomplish for myself with this challenge. It's an angel and I signed up for it because I wanted to learn how to make some angel wings out of something other than fabric, wire and my usual supplies of choice. I'm thinking some kind of feathered concoction....

Lastly, for my weekend craft adventures... (I am so excited about this!) I signed up for Suzi Blu's self guided workshop in mixed media portraits. I have always wanted to take a class in this type of art but locally, there isn't much to chose from and I really cannot commit to showing up to a studio same time every week due to work, kid and home stuff. When I saw she had these self guided classes I gave it some thought and went back and forth as to whether or not I would be able to do it. If you listen to her for 5 minutes you will not only fall head over heels in love with her but she will make you believe there is really no reason you can't do it. She still has room if you want to give it a try too. We can be sketch buddies!
I watched the first class last night and I'm really excited to start playing tonight.
But until 5 I am owned by "the man" so I gotta get my boots on and head into work. Have a wonderful Friday everyone!! The count down to five starts.......NOW!

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