Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Public Service Announcement

From me. No celebrities here :o) For years I've been listening to people talk about osteoporosis. I always think yeah, I know. One more thing for the Dr to get on me about. She loves to find things to nag at me for. Blah Blah Blah... Get my mamo. Get my pap. Don't eat red meat. Take your calcium supplements. I hear Sally Field carry on about her Boniva and think... I got enough to worry about right now Sally....Today I did a show that had a large range of older women pass thru. Some not so much older than me. I love to people watch. I was AMAZED at how many of these women had hunched over shoulders and noticed many different stages of this disease. It made me think again. Such a huge population of women are seriously affected by this and I wasn't even paying attention. Maybe it was my age.. I've been thru the having baby stage, then the hysterectomy stage, then starting the pre-menopause. I'll worry about it later. These things you just go thru, moving along thru your life taking it all one stage at a time. Some things you can change, or try to avoid and sometimes stuff just happens. Maybe I focus too much on the bigger fights out there. Contribuiting to cancer fund raisers and Aids research. Maybe I'm just ignorant. I don't know.
But maybe if checking in with the Dr, taking our calcuim supplements, sitting up straight and exercising will help ward off at least SOME of the symptoms of this disease, then maybe I need to slow down and actually listen to the information I've been ignoring so that I can do other stuff. I encourage all my sisters out there to do the same. Get up. Move away from the sewing machine (your easel, your knitting needles, your stove, whatever is floating your boat right now). Take a walk. Check in with your Drs, Stretch your back and for goodness sake take a Caltrate! It may not keep it away forever but maybe we can fool it into leaving us alone long enough to get some better advice..

Just a little PSA before I crash for the evening.....Take care of YOU girls!

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