Thursday, June 7, 2012

Re-do of the Etsy Shop

My etsy shop has been updated and loaded up!  I spent the whole day yesterday on re-do's of the photos...used my new backdrop and re-wrote descriptions.  Take a look, at least now it looks a little more cohesive:

I put in everything I had in the sewing room plus any dolls I had from the OZ-Stravaganza.  In the next couple days I'm going to go thru the bins in the basement to see what I have left from last years shows and list them as well.
I feel like I'm finally getting a hold of things around here and getting ahead.  Now I can go back and fill in the gaps of things I've been wanting to do, but didn't think I had time.

But today, I am off to wrestle with the DMV... I can't understand heads or tails of that website, every link you click leads you down another lonely alley of confusion.  I've tried to call the past two days and keep getting a recording that they can't take my call.  Frustrating.  So I'm going to put on some shoes and take myself over there.  I'll take my nook and a pillow and hang out til someone will talk to me.

This is the second Hen Pecked Lady from the Sweetmeadows farm pattern.  I cleaned up her photo a bit and listed her in my shop.  She's a cutie.

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