Friday, March 23, 2012

Quick update

I have pretty much unloaded whatever I had left in the sewing room, onto ebay.  I got sick of looking at everything on etsy.  Nothing ever really sells over there.  I still list them because I've gotten other attention overthere, such as craft and art show invites.  It's also a lot less expensive to list/sell.  

 So right now, there is this ugly grungy doll as well as some other uglies.  There are also some of my regular type dolls and that hateful clown is back up.  I put him in a box yesterday because he was bugging me still hanging on his hook.  I can't work with him staring at me.

I am planning on catching up some art classes this coming week and Suzi Blu has a new workshop I've registered for so I am looking forward to being totally immersed in arts and crafts for a bit.  But today, the boy is home sick from school so I will stick to smaller things.  The older he gets the more of a handful when he's sick.....but I guess that's what men are all about :o)