Thursday, March 29, 2012

New on Primnest

I finnished another Charlette (Threadbare Primitives) and listed her on my Primnest Page.  Here is the link if you haven't checked out the artists over there yet...  There is a wonderful group over there and so many wonderful items.

My grubby sheep are listed over there still as well as an Annie and a folk art shelf sitter. I took some new pictures of her, because the ones last time were rushed and I felt I could do better.  The new ones aren't much prettier, but I guess she was supposed to be ugly, that was the point....

Click on the artist page and look up my name to see the items.

I have some other new ones I took photos of yesterday, but I have to clean them up and do some editing and then I will share.
I also have some originals I have been working hard on that should be along soon...:o)