Sunday, November 15, 2009

My first post!

Hello!! to anyone who stumbles over me right now.
This is all brand new to me but I've been watching and reading
everyone else for so long that I am hoping I can pull it off!
A little info on me, because this is looking sparse right now... I love to sew and
craft. I have been doing this for so long, I don't really remember
how it all started. Right now I've been interested in folk art and have
been experimenting in that area.
I have sewn all my life... clothes, dolls, home decor you name it.
Cross stitch, ceramics, dried florals, gift baskets, porcelain dolls, I've tried it all.
I have had good luck selling my items at craft shows, ebay and by word of mouth.
Because I like so many things, it's hard to label myself as any one type of crafter.
I always wanted to have my own place to make whatever I wanted that day without
having to say I'm a seamstress, or a doll maker, or whatever I decided to
be that day. Now, looks like a good time. My website is under construction and
I'm going to try blogger. I will be able to make whatever I want for today
and no labels :o)
I'm not much of a pattern designer so lucky for me there are so many
very talented designers out there that I am able to draw inspiration from.
I will always give credit where due so be sure to take a peek at the pattern designer.
I have nothing but respect for the original artists and what they create.
That is it for tonight- I promise to get some photos up soon and have
this place looking like someone lives here. Hope to see you soon and
am looking forward to getting to know you :o)
Carol Ann

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