Sunday, January 22, 2012

I tried a Prim Bear

 and there he is.  The plushie felt I used was too dark for what I really had in mind.  I didn't think the whole project thru before I started.  Suprise, surprise.  After I got him all together and went to do my favorite part of grubby-ing him up and beating the hell out of him.... I realized there wasn't much I could do with him.  I went at him with a razor and some scissors, but it didn't really do much.  I tried smearing some paint and sanding him.. nada.  Oh well, he's still kinda old looking and the next time I will use a lighter plushie so I can stain it.

The original pattern is by Sweetmeadows farm. Maybe I will read it all the way thru before I try another one- but probably not.  I will put him in the etsy shop with the  February items.