Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saturday....Soule Road Craft Show

I'm going to be doing the Soule Road Craft show in Liverpool Saturday 10-4. So far, I'm not was the most expensive, they ran out of tables so I have to bring my own and now the flyer they sent doesn't allow for sharing, cutting or pasting so I can't put it on Blogger, facebook or anything technical.. I guess I was supposed to print it out and stick it on windshields or something.
Oh well, hopefully the crowd will show up and make it worth while!

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Hanni said...

Sorry to hear of all your trouble with this craft show, hopefully you will have many customers and sell out. I did about 5 shows myself and did not very good, I guess people do not have money or just do not want to spent it on us and support the whole handmade. Kind of sad, they don't let you advertice the show to get more people coming. Anyway, good luck and Merry Christmas